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New York Times Best Selling Author L.A Banks has agreed to be our Special Guest.

Ms. Banks is well known for her Vampire Huntress Series of novels which has recently begun adaptation into graphic novels and manga. Ms. Banks has written for a number of major publishers including Simon and Shuster, St. Martin’s Press, BET/Arabesque, Harper and Tor. Her works have been optioned for movies.

She had published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies, worked with community organizations and technology companies and has been featured on the Vampire Literature and Legends program shown on Cable service HBO.

She has penned over 35 novels and 12 novellas spanning a wide variety of genres and has won numerous awards. More information can be found at her website: http://www.leslieesdailebanks.com/index.php

Ms Banks is another example of the fabulous guests we are lining up to maximize the enjoyment of your Philcon Experience. Please stay tuned as we continue to give you and your friends more reasons to attend.

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